Tuesday, December 12

Don’t Buy The Dragon

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Have you ever wished that you could interact with your computer in other ways such as talking to it and it preforming everything you say from opening up a file, typing in a word document and searching online. There is a program on the market that can do all that, but at a price… Are you willing to pay for such features? Before you answer that question, let me give you something to think about.

Dragon is a naturally speaking computer software program that costs 99.99. This program allows you to talk to the computer through a headset/microphone and you can tell your computer to open a word document and tell it what to type allowing you to write 160 words a minute versus the 60 words a minute people can manually type. You can also talk to your computer and tell it to open up an internet page and search for any topic you want…. This program seems like a dream come true, so why wouldn’t you spend 99.99 and purchase it? I’ll tell you why.

Through both the Windows and MAC operating system, your computer is already equipped with this function. It is called speech recognition. It takes about a half hour to set up, but everything these days needs to be set up. These programs supplied through your computers operating system is built specifically for that operating system, why go out and buy something made from a third party when you already own this product? That just doesn’t make any sense. So next time you want to try out a speech recognition program, check out the one that comes with your computer rather than purchasing one. Third party programs sometimes bring viruses to your computer as they are not guaranteed safe, so why endanger your computer and possibly have it crash.



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