Tuesday, December 12

Best Xbox 360 Games For Girls

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And the good news is there a list here of all the best xbox 360 games for girls and with the addition of Kinect for the Xbox 360 there is even more for  a female gamer.  It adds even more to the Xbox 360’s incredible games list.  But let’s get started with the list of the top 10 xbox 360 games for girls.

  1. Dance Central – probably the best game for girls and one of the best Kinect games and girls will love playing it.  You have to follow the moves on screen and it is a great laugh with some great songs with even better ones to download.  If you are wondering about the tracks for Dance Central then here is a list of the Dance Central tracks including downloadable ones.       Dance Central Track List

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     2.  Viva Pinata – fun for everyone and this game involves no violence, drugs, gambling or any other nasty things! This is a really popular game among girls and women and they love looking after their pinatas and trying to attract other beautiful and new pinatas!  Honestly it sounds bad but it is great and there are now a couple of different Viva Pinata games!

     3.  Lego Games – Yes these are games for everyone and even nan and grandad.  There are so many different Lego Xbox 360 games and even more are coming out due to their popularity and success.  All the Lego games offer a mix of fun and charm with brilliant franchises and classics like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman and soon Pirates of the Carribean which will be good fun!

4. Kinect Sports  – fun for all!

5. Your Shape Fitness Evolved – the best exercise game around and miles ahead of Wii Fit.  Shows you how great Kinect really is!

6. Sims 3 – Needs no introduction!

7. Fable 3 – Create your character, become King and decide whether to rule with an iron fist or a caring heart!

8. Like Mario Kart but with Sonic characters and to be fair probably worse but still lots of fun and an enjoyable game for all and a nice alternative to Mario Kart on the better console – the Xbox 360.

9. Rock Band 3 – an excellent game with loads of songs to play on musical instruments like the guitar, drums, singing with microphones and the new keyboard to amazing songs.

10. Xbox Live Arcade Games like Peggle, Uno, Pac Man Championship, Splosion Man and more – pick up some Microsoft Points and get downloading these fun unique games.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy playing these games and why notbuy a couple of them – they are great fun.

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