Monday, December 18

How Can I Explain it

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Just the thought of loving you sends, a tingle up my spine

The hairs on my neck stand,

 a feeling so grand  the smoothness of your skin

like the keys beneath a pianists hands

your words are the melody that my heart dances to

 the lovely beat in my heart joyously prances to

Time has past this is true,

 but you still are my sweet morning due

My fire and desire my dream come true

 the beauty in you refreshes  with every trial tribulation

and moments of elation we go through

you know this is true even the oldness is new

I could write a millions and one poems and never find the right words to explain how much I love you

I do my best but my best,

  just won’t due there’s a test behind

 the stress and what I’m blessed with is you

correct me if I’m wrong but heaven sent you

because I was on my needs with praying hands

Maybe God had a plan that only you  and he can understand 

 But I get chocolate for desert growing roses in  magic sand

MY flower has taken root and  my heart feels the safest

whenever I’m with you!


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