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Christmas Traditions Abroad in France, Ireland And Others

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I wish you all a very merry Christmas before you start reading this article.

Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about the Christmas traditions right here in


Well, when does it last? Well it last from Christmas Eve(December 24th) right through to what we would call little Christmas(6th January), also known as the feast of the Epiphany.

On Christmas Eve people place candles in there window. It is my belief that we do this as the christians in Ireland believe that Mary and Joseph went searching for an inn in which they could deliver the child.

When we have had our Christmas dinner we always leave out bread and milk and then we unlock or unlatch the door. This is a sign of welcome hospitality and we normally get alot of vistors between this and the end of the evening.

And of course, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Santa Clause or Father Christmas as he is sometimes known so, in order to keep this man happy we give him a bottle of Guinness and a Mince pie.


In France, on Christmas Eve, all the children here leave their shoes beside the fireplace in the hope that they will be filled with gifts from Pere Noel, the French for Father Christmas. In the morning when thy wake they also find that Sweets, fruit, nuts and small toys have been left hanging on the tree.

In France it is a time for the whole family to come together at Christmas time to holiday and worship. On the eve of Christmas beautifully lit churches and cathedrals, ring out Christmas carols with the church bells.

Once dinner is over and the family has retired to bed, they leave a fire burning and food and drink on the table in case the Virgin Mary calls in. Children leave their shoes or wooden clogs called sabots in the hearth for the Christ Child or Pere Noel to fill. In the north of France, children are given gifts on December 6, which is St. Nicholas’ Day, instead of Christmas Day. The adults give each others presents on New Year’s Day.

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