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How to Use Facebook to Gain Traffic to Your Website

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Businesses worldwide may eventually arrive at a point in their ventures when they wonder how to use Facebook to gain traffic to your website. After all, Facebook has arguably become the most powerful website on the internet, and vying with Google for the minds of the mass populace. As it only gains more members and ties into other applications across the digital landscape, Facebook’s enormous user base offers an appealing avenue for organizations to take advantage of.

Official Page

Massive corporations and independent start-ups alike can create an office Facebook page on the site, even gaining a custom URL (such as once they receive 25 “fans.” This central hub, as part of a plan to discover how to use Facebook to gain traffic to your website, can not only prominently display your website’s URL and link to it directly, but also be used to circulate messages to interested followers, post photos of new products and services, or even just be a way to interact with clients and customers by asking discussion questions, holding contests, or other innovative options to create a dialogue and encourage feedback.


Even without directly becoming a part of the Facebook site itself, knowing how to use Facebook to gain traffic to your website can be as simple as taking part in Facebook’s advertising. Bearing significant similarities to Google’s AdWords service, advertising on Facebook can be used on a pay-per-click basis and, perhaps most importantly, have its messages be targeted to a very specific audience, such as those who have a certain interest or those in a specific geographic location. For example, if you operate an old-school arcade in Minnesota, you can direct Facebook members to your website by only targeting those who live in your town and those surrounding it who are interested in “arcades,” “arcade,” “arcade games,” etc., or have those items listed in their activities on their profile. Such hyper-targeted marketing is a creative ad technique that has only become popular in the latter years of the first decade of the 21st century, with countless businesses still learning how to best utilize it for the optimal return on investment.

Personal Use

Especially for businesses with employees passionate about their cause, mastering how to use Facebook to gain traffic to your website can be as simple as encouraging workers to mention the site on their personal accounts, especially when linked to their Twitter feeds or blogs as well. If your company is about to launch a new product, the traditional promotion methods are fine, but it is a free and potentially very advantageous bonus to have employees mention the new upcoming product in their status updates with a link to your website. The possible benefit is reaching hundreds upon hundreds of new people that otherwise would have never known or ever cared about your website; better yet, since it is personal friends that see the update, it comes from a more trusted source and increases the likelihood of clicks and visits.

The excitement behind mastering how to use Facebook to gain traffic to your website will only be had by those organizations with the vision and know-how to implement creative, up-to-date solutions to their marketing needs that implement this mega-popular social networking site. As Facebook further extends its influence on a global scale, so too will organizations further seeks its assistance in boosting their visibility.


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