Saturday, December 16

Top 3 Iphone/ipod Touch Games! Classsic!

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  • Angry Birds

Angry birds….do I need to say much else? This game is an absoulte legend of a game. You get these classic little birds and fire them through a catapult at pigs. Epic? Yeah I know. Anyways so this game is just plain huge! There are loads of levels and for £0.59 I do not think you can go wrong? Plus more levels to come… get purchasing.

  • Fragger

Fragger, absolutely huge, massive, classic game. You have this little man and you throw his grenades at a certain power and height of your choice, to land on these little criminals. Of course it gets harder and more fun as you go through the levels and once you complete the level, (I think theres 30 per level) you get unlimitied grenades…for that level…huge or? Yeah I know, massive! Same again on price as angry birds, so there not exsactly breaking the bank! So yeah. buy them or suffer a life of never experiencing them!

  • Gears

First of all, this game is free…..yes free, (peed a little?) well you should once you experience it. It has loads of levels which are hard, some people claim this game is not fun as all you do is drop wheels on to a wheel that moves with the aim to make the end wheel move….but as dull as that sounds it is not at all! I actually lie in bed playing this game and lose sleep once I get stuck on a level, I do not allow myself sleep until the end wheel spins, its a sad life!

Anyways, get buying these games…end of.



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