Monday, December 11

Seniors Independence

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Leading Psychologists believe that by seniors remaining in the comfort of their own homes, they can retain an important sense of independence. It is emotionally beneficial for older seniors to remain in familiar surroundings close to their family memories, treasures & possessions. While their well-meaning children may wish to put them in a retirement home, the fact is that forced relocation can cause some seniors to feel isolated, depressed and withdraw from society.

Of course there may come that time when a person needs to be in a place where they can receive a higher level of care, but remaining as independent as long as possible can boost a seniors overall sense of well-being. Staying in their own home is, in most cases, far more preferable (as well as less costly) than relocating to an assisted living facility or a retirement community. It gives them a sense of empowerment, and allows them to retain close friendships with neighbours.

Assisted living and retirement communities can be very costly. Often a different caregiver appears every week, which is stressful for people and prevents establishing a relationship with their caregiver. A home care provider can take the person grocery shopping or to the bank, prepare meals, do light housekeeping and provide daily activities and companionship.

Caring 4 U Support Services can help seniors maintain their independence by lightly stepping in and helping with daily tasks that become increasingly difficult with age.


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