Thursday, December 14

Black And Decker Power Tools

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          That was history, ancient history. Black and Decker revolutionized and made building houses as easy as one two three. It changes us on how we start building our dream houses. They are the cutting edge of engineering; offering you Black and Decker Power Tools.

            Black and Decker Power Tools offers you more tools as ever, all your building problems they have the solution. Building a house starts with planning, thus it is important that you have a good leveler. Bulls Eye Auto Leveling Laser can make this happen. Accurate and precise means a good quality plan. Planning may take days so you need lights, flash lights for different situations. Lanterns, Snake light, Mini bright Bar, Spot light to name a few.

            Problem in cutting and shaping woods for sealing, cabinets, doors etc power hand saw is the answer for that.  I always have a problem in hitting the nail, it ends hitting my hand every time I missed. So I search and I found Nailers, 12V cordless 18 gauge brad Nailers it accepts range of 18 gauge nails.  Thank God for nailers. Now I can punch a nail and avoid getting hurt. Drills with cord and cordless, I preferred cordless for portability. Powerful 6amp motor which will provide us power for different task.  For small screws they also have small lithium screwdriver with smart select technology this will provide you quick and easy torque selection, which means no stripping screw.   

          For furnishing they have sanders with dust trap collection system that keeps work area clean. Dragster belt sander is for edges and small spaces. Precision belt sander great for removing rust sharpen blades and ideal for ceramic and detailed cuts. Planer smoothen flat surfaces and reduces wood edges and faces. Craft tools include interior and exterior tools like power scissors, paint project tools, glue guns, and soldering irons. Stud sensor detects wood studs up to ¾ thick. Random orbit waxer will polish a scrub surfaces. A paint job, every dream house needs color, air compressor with the combination all said tools can help you spread colors.

             Black and Decker Power Tools best offer is the Combo kits 18V four tool Cordless combo kit which includes two speed drills driver for high torque screw driving and high speed drilling. The Circular saw for grater cutting speed capacity and even with bevel cuts. Reciprocating saw that will help you in cutting wood metal and plastic. The 18V flashlight that can help you in the process, this includes two pieces the extra battery

             A song said “when I think of home I think of a place where there is love over flowing”. But when I think of house I think I need Black and Decker Power Tools, sound funny but is true. When starting to build a house that will be a home for your family you’ll just need to be sure with what are you using. Tools that you can trust lean and rely on.


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