Friday, December 15

Do You Think Extended Guarantee Is Worth The Money?

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Many of us wonder if we should purchase an extended warranty with our laptop.  We may not realize now but there is a fair possibility that sooner or later, some problem will come up with the laptop. Whenever such a situation comes up the key question at that time will be who pays the huge bill, you or the manufacturer.

The typical guarantee which includes fee for a laptop if for about 90 days which in fact is quite short if you think for the period you would like to use your laptop. What do you think is going to happen in case your laptop creates a problem on the 91st day?

To begin with even when you buy a laptop with just a 90-day warranty which assuming you have bought from a famous brand, there is a very small chance of your computer not working on the 91st day. No maker offers a 90-day warranty while expecting that their gadget will stop working properly just after that. In most cases a shorter warranty is to some degree a sales publicity stunt to press you to get an extended warranty.

This extended warranty offers you the option to increase the time period of the normal warranty from one to three or possibly five years also. In fact the initial additional year is normally the costliest and each year after that costs significantly less. You get better deal with a longer extended warranty.

The cheapest extended warranty may require you to send your laptop at your own cost to the repair facility. If you are taking a high end extended warranty packages, you will get a service technician at your home to help you with the repairs. This can be an expensive option.

You can go online and check the company websites to find out the normal guarantee policies. It may not be possible as most laptop makers don’t have a specified guarantee policy and warranties change from one product to the other. Now the question is how does one decide which extended guarantee is best for you? You can find that out by determining your expected usage.

If you’re buying the laptop just for occasional use as a device to be used during traveling, you can avoid the extended warranty and still be fairly safe. In case you are going to use your laptop regularly as your main system, you can think up of adding a longer extended warranty.


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