Sunday, December 17

Are You Putting Your Savings Into The Berry Tree?

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It is a very common practice with people to put money away as savings in a savings or an investment account. On the other hand, if you are like the most of the common people today you must understand that a savings or investment account will not simply give you the kind of return which you would want from your savings. During your retirement period it is essential to be sure that you maximize each and every penny you have to make sure that you have enough money to maintain the quality of life which you had made for yourself before you retired.

Some of you must have heard of The Berry Tree which is more lucrative than most of the other methods of saving available today. You have a number of reasons for this. To begin with determine the cash amount that you will be putting into your savings or investment account every month. To give an example let us take the amount you will be putting at $500 each and every month into an account. Just for the purpose of the article, let us assume that you are getting a 5 times return from the investment account.

It is a good idea to know a little more about the Berry Tree. Initially you have to pay around $50 every month as membership fee. The amount of $50 is much less than $500 which you are saving into your account every month. This $50 monthly payment will amount to $600 per year. It may take you about 2 years to load your first tree and then begin earning about $1,336 every month, based on your drive and desire. In those two years, you would have paid an amount of $1,200 which is not much as your earnings can cover the monthly membership fee.

An investment of $1,200 in two years will help you earn around $1,336 each month. Let us have a look at the investment account. If you continue making $500 monthly payment, you will have to save over $156,000 in the investment account for around twenty-six years to get that kind of possibility of a monthly income. In case you only pay $50 in the savings account, it will take you over sixty-six years and an amount of $40,000 to get $1,336 monthly.

The Berry Tree makes a lot of sense when you consider time, return and the terms of investment.


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