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Have You Tried Different Kinds Of Candles?

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It is not a surprise that candles are a very popular item. This ordinary source of light can change the atmosphere in just a few seconds. It is not just that as candles have several other uses like in aromatherapy, to generate a pleasant perfume or to improve the ambiance of the room. Candles are also a part of weddings and religious ceremonies.

Pillar candles are a very popular kind of candles and are cylindrical in shape. They are made of pure wax and are typically scented. It is used by people to produce a relaxed atmosphere in the bath, a romantic mood in the bedroom, and a happy ambience in the dining space. Sometimes pillar candles are customized to honor significant events, like a wedding or a child’s christening.

Taper candles are generally used to include soft lighting on your dining room table. They are crafted to fit into the traditional candlesticks conveniently and burn gradually for a number of hours. They can also be used in regular wall sconces.

Votive candles on the other hand are small candles which are bunched together to create a large impact. It is possible to use votive candles on fancy candle holders or in lanterns. They should always be lighted when they are kept inside a container as they are small and can burn away very fast and even before you realize the flame can reach the surface and on your furniture.

You can create an attractive centerpiece with the help of floating candles. When you keep candles which float in water they look spectacular when the flames reflect on the surface of the water. It is also an excellent way to light them safely.

Jar candles are typically scented candles which are made with top quality soy or paraffin. You room will smell wonderful when you burn these candles. Soy candles are generally more expensive as compared to paraffin candles, but they burn better.

As candles burn with an open flame they can get dangerous also. There are some tips which you can follow to maintain safety at home.

  • You should not leave a candle which is burning unattended.

  • Make use of any kind of candle holder always as they protect the surface from dripping wax.

  • You can use a candle shade to cut soot.

  • Try out candle warmers to enjoy scented candles with no worry of open flames.


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