Friday, December 15

Don’t Get Shocked When Buying Ink Cartridges

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In the last twelve months I have had the chance of purchasing two separate printers including a black-and-white laser printer as well as a dual-purpose copier with color inkjet printer. My laser printer is well used on the regular basis, but I typically keep my color inkjet printer for printing pictures.

Both my printers are well manufactured and branded with names like HP and Brother but they were quite cheap. The fact is that my main reason for buying both was that they were available at a bargain price. You can imagine my mortification at the time when I had the need to replace the toner cartridges of my laser and inkjet printer and found out that each of the cartridge cost almost fifty percent of the amount I had I paid for the printer.

I summarized correctly and quite fast that manufacturers of printers sell the equipment at or even below the cost price and ultimately engender profits from selling the OEM or original equipment manufacturer ink cartridges. The manufacturers offer calamitous warning of probable harm to the printer or nullifying printer warranty and insist that the users only purchase OEM printer cartridges. I disliked being gouged by the magnified cost and conducted a little of my own investigation on OEM print cartridges and the alternatives which can be used. I will share with you what I discovered.

The first option is compatible ink cartridges- Unlike what people generally believe compatible ink cartridges have not been recycled but in fact they are absolutely new and similar models of OEM cartridges. They typically come with the same reliability and quality OEM cartridges and only cost a small part of the price.

Remanufactured print cartridges- As you can guess from the name, remanufactured ink cartridges have been recycled. But the old cartridges are not just refilled. In fact they are opened up, checked, cleaned, put back together and then filled with ink. Each one is individually tested by printing to meet the specifications linked with OEM ink cartridges.

Savings cost- I was really surprised when I realized the difference in price between OEM, compatible as well as the remanufactured ink cartridges. To give an example, a black and a color OEM ink cartridge used in HP DeskJet 920C costs around £50.45 and you just pay £17 for remanufactured cartridges.

Life of the cartridge- Most remanufactured ink cartridges come with smaller shelf life and can stay for around 6 months.


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