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Easy Theme Room Ideas

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When you are still living in your parent’s house, or someone else’s house, and all you have is your room, it is important to have a space that is uniquely you; a space that is all yours.  A theme gives you that and a whole lot more because it makes it an easy way to decorate.  Even if you have to share a room with someone else, you can use a theme to define your area in the room.  Your theme becomes your focal point, so it makes it easier to know what to look for when you shop.  All you have to look for are things that go along with your theme.  You don’t have to wonder if this goes with that – if it matches your theme it matches your room!

Color of walls is important and an easy way to give a total feeling to a room.  Using paint in a clever way is relatively inexpensive and can provide dramatic impact.  But, let’s say you are not able to paint your walls either because of money issues or your parents (or whoever owns the place you are living) do not want to change the color of the walls, or any other reason.  You can still have a themed room using curtains, linens, rugs and accessories to create a special place.

Contrary to what some people say, theme rooms are not limited in their scope.  Since it is your space you can do it any way you want!  Themes can run the gamut, from completely redone and accessorized to a more sedate, understated theme with just a few accessories scattered around the room or a picture on the wall.  It’s up to you!

Usually a theme will go along with what you find interesting in your life at the moment.  Let’s say you enjoy ballet.  Your room can be pink and black and have pictures of ballerinas or posters of famous ballets.  If you like NASCAR or other car racing, your room can be decorated with the colors of your favorite driver and pictures of racing or your favorite cars.  You could hang a steering wheel on the wall, or use a car window as a frame for your pictures.  Make a “man cave” or a Paris atelier.  As you can see, you are only limited by your imagination.

Certain countries or cities inspire people to decorate their rooms around icons from those far-away places, such as Paris, India or Japan.  There is no limit to what theme you choose or how you choose to implement it.  Just remember these three points:

  • Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it exactly the way you want to, that is just an opportunity to use what you have creatively.

  • If you can’t paint, hang fabric or lots of pictures to cover your wall.  Think BIG!

  • Don’t be afraid to use color and be bold in your ideas.  Do it the way you want it!

When you walk into your room you want to feel surrounded by things you love, things that give you comfort and make you happy.  Having a theme will help you be able to do that a little more easily.


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