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Guitars And Instruments: Luna Guitars

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                The Luna Company was founded in 2005 by developer and designer Yvonne de Villiers under by Armadillo Enterprisesand headquartered and based in TampaFlorida. Luna’s vision/mission statement is: To craft fine stringed instruments with artistic sensibility that is affordable, comfortable, and inspires people of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey.

                There are many models made and produced by Luna. Almost all models have the quality and standars the company has to offer. Some products like Gazelle are stylish hollow body guitar that combines the best elements of classic jazz-age Art Deco design with totally 21st-century tech and sound, the Gazelle is one fabulous beauty. The pick guard sports the profile of a elegant gazelle springing across a white crescent moon. The neck makes a departure from Luna’s signature crescent moon fret style markers, replacing them with Art Deco-influenced geometric designs and inlays in a visual crescendo from headstock to body. Chic, elegant and smart, Luna’s Gazelle heralds a new era in instrument style and design

                Another model made by Luna Guitars is The Luna Athena Hollow Body 12 String Black Electric Guitar and GigBag. The Luna Athena 12-String cool semi-hollowbody electric guitar is sized for ease/comfort and crafted for superb sound. Luna’s signature crescent moon designed logo shines brightly from the curved headstock. For electric guitar players, the Athena models revolutionize the performance experience with their incredibly light feel-it-for-yourself weight and efficiently and compact body size. Once you’ve used and tried an Athena, you’ll forget about playing all the heavy instruments that came before. And you’ll understand why they’re finished in the coolest colors of sea and sun  When your song is all about freedom, peace and love  your guitar’s an Athena.


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