Thursday, December 14

Let's Make Bukisa Better

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There are so many negative articles about Bukisa of late.  The model that Bukisa had previously was not sustainable.  We as writers of this site need to understand that Bukisa is a business and not a charity.  Business are here to make money.   It all boils down to cash flow.   Cash Flow is especially important for businesses since they have a lot of overhead such as salary and also maintenance for the storage and servers.

That is the driving force for Bukisa to make the change.  Even as I write, another site Xomba is also making some changes to their business model.   I selected Xomba because their business model will be where Bukisa will be moving towards.

Increasing our Income

As writers to this site, we are business partners to Bukisa.  They will make money only if we make money since it will be revenue sharing.  So rather than grumbling about how we are going to lose money, we need to work together to make the site better and also make money in the process.

Whether it is Adsense or Chitika, we need to see how to increase the revenue per click (CPC) or Revenue from views (RPM).   The advertisements payments are based on a couple of things but the main thing it depends on is the traffic.  We need to work together to drive traffic to the site.

How do I know this?  I have a few personal sites.  One with at least 1000 view per month may get more than 30 cents per click and will get 1 – 2 cents without any clicks.    While another site that has less than 100 views per month does not earn anything on any of the clicks.  This is based on the Adsense report.

Increasing the Traffic

The ways to increase traffic to the site are:

  1. Write good articles.  Ideally articles that will be referred time and time again.

  2. Promote the articles on various sites – create relevant links in forums or even social networking sites.

  3. Take advantage of SEO.  (but you have to be careful here, you page may be number for a key word that may be of no commercial value – which is pretty much useless for our purpose).

Bottom line, we need to work together as a team for this to work.

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