Tuesday, December 12

Movie Review: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

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I have been a Harry Potter fan, way before he was even famous in the muggle world. I’m not a Daniel Radcliffe fan, but a Harry fan. I’ve rooted for him and shared in his woes in the confines of my bedroom under the sheets when I read about his adventures in the middle of the night and my mom hankering for me to get some sleep.

When they started filming the Harry Potter series, my only thought was, I hope it lives up to the expectations of many Harry Potter books lovers, the first one was indeed a spectacular film. Perhaps because it was the first and many a fans are quite enthusiastic. Slowly but surely though, for me anyways, the hype of the movies was dying down. I movie was veering away from the book and I was hating it, but I know that due to cinematic hoopla, time constraints and the likes they had to change the story somehow.

In this latest and last book, since they split it in 2, I hoped that they will try to keep with the book somehow…. but alas to my disappointment, they still veered from the book. Oh, don’t get me wrong the movie, just like all the other Harry Potter movies is great. They are visually engaging with beautiful and believable special and visual effects and the story is great as well, it is gripping and you will be on the edge of your seat so to speak but for the book lover like me, who want the real essence of the story of Harry Potter (from the book) come to life, the movie is indeed a disappointment.  

Well but just like any other Harry Potter fan…I’m still anticipating the last installment of the Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, I will still fall in line at the theaters to watch part 2. Well what can i say.. I’m addicted…


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