How to Make $1250 a month writing articles

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To be successful writing articles you need to first find subjects that interest majority of the viewers.  Don’t write just to be writing you need to have a purpose or a goal.  Do you want to write to inspire, to inform, or to persuade.  Once your purpose is clear you can then begin to form your strategy.  You need to know your audience, If you study the responses to articles you have presently written you can learn a great deal about how to improve your articles.  Find out which subjects get the most views; look at the comments made on your articles as well.  Once you find out the area that interest the majority of your viewers,Concentrate on those areas and  your revenue will rapidly increase.

A quick wat to get as many view as possible is to make allot of friends on article writing sites.  The more you are in someone’s face the more exposure your articles will have. Try to check out several of your friends articles every day and post comment and you will start getting more comments as well.  Make your articles relevant to Google ads that require several quick throughs.  Firefox is a good internet browser to use becuase the browser allows you to open multiple windows at once and add lots of friends rather quickly. With FireFox you can make allot more friends than you can using internet explorer. When using Firefox go to one of your friend’s page and right click any friend, then select open link in new tab.  You can do this multiple times and it will send their page up to the top of the toolbar.  Once you have clicked on about 10 to 20 friends just click on their name at the top of the toolbar and click add friend.  Remember writing articles requires page views to make income.  You cannot get allot of page views without allot of friends.

Another way to increase page views is through the use of bookmark sites. A popular bookmarking site is Only wire because with this site you can send your article to  about 15 different bookmark sites with just one click.  It takes a while to set Only wire up but once you have it up and running it works on autopilot for you.  Join other social networks and invite your friends to view your articles.  Create a blog and place links to your articles on your blog .

You also need to use Google keywords in your articles so people know how to find your article.  Good keywords will get your article the maximum page views available.Google has a free keyword tool you can use to get the most popular keywords. If you want to speed up searching for tags after every article create a page with saved tags.   For instance if you wrote an article about business instead of researching tags go to your documents file and paste in your premade business tags. 

The next thing you need to do is capture your audiences attention with your title.  If you look at a list of articles about business you will more than likely click on a title that captures your attention.  Spent time thinking about the title because this is what will generate the most income for you.  For example if you wanted to get more customers to your site which title would you choose?  Get more customers to your website, or Are you tired of losing customers? You would more than likely choose the second one because of people natural curiosity to know the answer to any question.


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