Monday, December 18

Best Reasons to Buy an Ipod Touch This Holiday Season

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With the US and World economy fluctuating like a Libra in heat, many of Americans are forced to turn off their cell phones, which also serves a purpose for checking email, social media networking, phone calls, texting and much more. The most economically safe way to survive life in our high-end technological society is to invest into an iPod Touch device. The average pricing for one of these find devices range from $150 to $250, depending on the size.

First, you can store all the music that the capacity can allow, giving you motivational inspiration as you complete the many tasks of the day on your very tight and stressful schedule. You can even make playlists and mixes on your iPod Touch as you go along with your day.

Secondly, there are manyApple iPod Touch applications that you can download for free. Surely, you’ll want to download the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr applications to keep your friends updated on your daily activities and special announcements (i.e. job promotion announcement on the spot?). Are you the texting freak as most American’s are? You’ll want to download the Text-Free application and send out texts to any and all of your beloved family and friends throughout the day. There’s even a phone feature if you have the specialized headset and microphone in your device. Some other applications that can be used are some amazingly fun-filled games, time management and money management applications, and of course e-mail application that downloads your email on the spot.

You are asking yourself, there has to be a con and you are absolutely right. The only thing that will keep you going to staying connected to a WiFi network and if you’re using this mainly at the office, coffee shop and home, you’ll be set to go. If not, then you’ll want to stick with your blackberry or iPhone.

There is a special volume button on the side of the iPod Touch, to easily move up or down the volume to match the needs of your musics’ desire. Plus you can even set a password when you device goes idle. For all you morning risers in the wee hours of the day, there is an excellent alarm clock and of course you’ll get your New York Times news on the spot with you New YorkTimes Newspaper application, that you’ll download the minute you get this excellent money saving devise that will surely be a part of your repertoire when heading out of the house or staying home with the felines.


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