Sunday, December 17

Things to do When You Are Sad

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Ideas you can start off your day if you are feeling sad or upset. You should try do something for someone, it will give positive energy. Have he best chocolate you can get your hands on in bed or while you are in the bath, it will make you feel great.

Listen to your music, play it loudly, and dance to it, this will lift your pain away.

Try have a romance in your mind uplift your spirits.

Have a slumber party with friends.

Get occupied into a new project this keep you busy for  a while you won’t have to think about what makes you feel sad.

Sing a song off tune so what it will do the trick for you, get out that sadness.

Make a note of what you appreciate the most in your present life, you must have something that you are happy about, this help bring your mood to the present and what you enjoy, enjoy the sunshine.

Contact a friend from school you will feel good talking to that person after all this time.

Send postcards to your friends using their nicknames.

Colour your hair something different of your choice.

Be happy in your way, make a video diary reset your photos remember the good times.

Note what your upcoming celebrations are and plan for it.

Watch a comedy movie, you will feel like a good laugh.

Believe that every thing will be better in your life and most of all, don’t give up.


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