Monday, December 18

December 2010 Snow Storm

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I am doing well after a snow storm that halted airports up and down the East coast of the United States. It also halted service on the Long Island Railroad. I guess it’s lucky that I had no where to go.

I don’t mind snow, but I get terrified when I am snowed in. For one day I was snowed in. I thank G-d that there weren’t any emergencies. Meanwhile, our street–well our street is kind of weird.

There was a lot of wind during the storm. It blew all the snow to our side of the block. Okay, not ALL of it, but most of it. We got 3 1/2 feet on our side of the block and the other side only got a foot. I am not joking. We look a little lopsided.

Mom and I, with the help of our neighbor, did a shovel and snowblower routine. I think perhaps we can take this act on the road. You see, the snowblower is small and does not go into deep snow. So we had to make smaller piles for the snowblower to plow. I am pretty sure I am going to be sore for a few days. If we get it in perfect precision and to the beat of a song, we can take this show on the road.

So, New York has been having some problems with the snow….yeah…all these lay offs of sanitation workers throughout the state (not j ust in the city) made it so no one plows the side streets. So if there’s an emergency, you’re screwed. My block-we got plowed. My friend’s block on the South Shore? No such luck. In the city, they were even slower. They had to call on independent contractors and construction workers to plow the streets.Laying off sanitation workers wasn’t such a great idea, but tell any government this and they will just laugh in your face.

Word to the wise: Beware the yellow snow. Also beware of the rest of my extended Yeti family coming out. We blend into the snow. Okay this has nothing to do with anything, but sort of amused me.


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