Friday, December 15

How Adhd Affects a Child's Life

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Children are precocious individuals. Their lively and energetic dispositions are endearing. However, there are times when a child acts up and adults dismiss as misbehavior. Sadly, when a child did not perform up to par in school or fair poorly in the social skills, it may be misunderstood as lack of abilities.  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) is a biological condition common in children where a child lacks attentiveness and social skills.  Children with ADHD can have hyperactive behaviors and may demand some attention yet they can also have low self-esteem.  This great affects the child’s well-being.

Children with attention deficit disorder may show some irritability and difficulty in expressing themselves. Such difficulty may lead to tantrums which will only aggravate any situation. When this condition is left undiagnosed or treated poorly, it may lead to worse conditions later in life like depression or substance abuse. These symptoms make social interactions difficult. Children with ADHD may have difficulty in keeping friends. School may pose a challenge for a child because tasks may be left uncompleted. They get easily distracted and may lose concentration on the lesson at hand.  There is a risk for a child to be labeled as unintelligent and be completely discriminated by peers.

It still remained undetermined on what causes ADHD. It is speculated that it may be caused some imbalance in the chemical in brain’s neurotransmitters. It may also be hereditary. Genetics play a major role in any health conditions.  Since the cause is yet to be determined, there are no cures for ADHD. However, there are treatment processes to minimize the symptoms. Some parents changes the child’s diet and put the child in an exercise routine. There are special schools for children of this condition. It deals with behavioral modifications and intervention so that the child will eventually cope with peers as he/she becomes an adult.

ADHD not only affects the child’s life but the entire family as well. Parents have to exert more effort in an ADHD child than the other children. It may raise some rivalry among the siblings because of the attention given to the child with ADHD. Parents may also feel inadequate when there are situations that may be beyond their control. Parents may even doubt their parenting skills.

Having a child with ADHD is a challenge.  However, with or without ADHD, it takes patience and a loving family to raise a child to a responsible adult.



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