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C Vitamin

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C-vitamin. It is a universal vitamin.

Unfortunately, for many people unclear, that when and how much C-vitamin the organization needs. Right, not easy to find one’s way in the topic, since the officially X-rated daily one 60 mg and Nobel laureate by way of our scholar, Szentgyörgyi Albert accepted 1000 mg, there is an enormous difference because of that.

Fair enough so the question:

When and how much C-vitamin advisable to serve?

Onto the first half of the question the answer it, that: ALWAYS. His second party though it, that: A LOT.

C-vitamin has two capital tasks in our organization. One it immunvédelem, the other one though stabilizing the psyche. C-vitamin starts the production of the happiness hormones and the beta endorphin. We need C-vitamin since he drains of the organization very quickly steadily. It is not necessary to be afraid of the bigger quantities though. We may levy it calmly, nothing will be our trouble from him. Chiefly in stressful situations, with anxiety, a panic illness, depression for fighters, infections, in case of a fever, after operations, at the time of the usage of medicines, under the time of a pregnancy and breastfeeding, and for sportsmen, smokers and ones eating alcohol recommended.

What is apparent from this? It, that advisable quasi for everybody C-vitamin to collect, since one fall into a category certainly. We cannot satisfy it with the food unfortunately this direction our needs, since the content of the vitamin decreased for all fruit and a vegetable already nowadays. So the replacement inescapable. Under the time of the pregnancy and the breastfeeding 50%-kal, for diabetic ones though 30%-kal a bigger amount c- they need a vitamin naponta…és the smokers have to take more C-vitamin, than their not smoking fellowmen, with what smoking a piece of cigarette 25-100 mg C-vitamin subtracts from the organization. The medicines, the aspirin, the tetraciklinek are there next (antibiotics) and the contraceptives, that it is emptied likewise from the organization C-vitamin.

How large is the recommended quantity?

Additional quantity recommended universally 200 mg of circle yes. But the illnesses, changed does not do harm in case of health conditions if we charge our depositories. Facilitating our organisation’s function so.

In this case the recommended quantity there are 500 and 1000 mg of circle. If you are somebody tired patient, may serve continuously 1000 mg C-vitamin, mainly if he smokes. You would eat a bigger quantity then worthy to serve, if the man is having a cold, feverish, there is inflammation in his organization you are caught some kind infection, he went through operation concerned.

What worthy to know about him yet?

C-vitamin in a bigger quantity can be found in the undermentioned ones: rose-hip, citrus, paprika, feketeribiszke, strawberry, broccoli. The rose-hip C-vitamin content a multiple implies so much compared to the lemon, approximately ten times. It important to can, that the C- vitamin exceptionally sensitive one, which means that the moistness breaks up,, due to light, air and a temperature. The food is deteriorating during cooking for example so C-vitamin content. C-vitamin the input of his continuous picking and a constant because of that proposed, dissolves in water because the organization does not store it and the excess, of what the organization does not make use inside a couple of clocks empties. To buy C-vitamin with a worthy natural origin with an effect provided because of this.

What is C-vitamin absorption hampered by?

C-vitamin absorption is hampered by the plain sugars (pl. the honey), they compete with C-vitamin quasi in the system carrying a load
The carbohydrate input even through 6 clocks 50%-al C-vitamin may reduce it absorption
The alcohol ties it C-vitamin big part

When is there need for the input of more C-vitamin?

The smoking binds the big part of C-vitamin taken in, C-vitamin raised for smokers because of this input necessary
The aspirin 3-szorosára accelerates the purging of the vitamin from the organization (so C-vitamin empties under 1 clock), we have to replace C-vitamin often at the time of the picking of aspirin because of this.
There is need for more C-vitamin in case of tumourous diseases
Decreases in a winter-vernal period the foods C-vitamin content, the resistance capacity decreases because of this. In the form of a dietary supplement recommended for the prevention of this to substitute
The carbon monoxide ruins C-vitamin, let living persons increase the input in the city because of this
The physical load increases C-vitamin purging. For sportsmen especially important C-vitamin replacement, mainly before competitions

When decreases our foods C-vitamin content?

Strong light, and C-vitamin is decaying quickly as a result of a tall heat effect and humidity
At the time of cooking and due to lyes C-vitamin quasi in full whole one’s decays
With peeling C-vitamin content cca. 60%-a gets lost
In the course of freezing C-vitamin 25%-a gets lost
A fresh vegetable loses it storing the content of all C-vitamin on room temperature through some days quasi
The apple after 2-3 months of storage 60% loses C-vitamin
100 g of fresh potato in autumn, after a harvest yet 30 mg C-vitamin contains, in spring already only 8, in summer already quasi nothing.


It is necessary to keep an eye on the storage! Fresh fruit, vegetable, after the harvest at what soon consume and we store it cooled only!
In as much we replace C-vitamin with a some kind of food accessory, let us take it in during a dining so. Disappears at this time from him most.
The consumption of recommended artefacts being absorbed continuously, which ones they disappear through 6-8 clocks even following the income.

Let us look at the facts.

As a multipurpose vitamin:

the connective tissue holding the organization together (the collagen) plays a role in his healthy function
one of the important components of the enzymes
the red one repairs it vértestek vasbinding his ability
the adrenalin increases his function, which supports the organization, the stress in the treatment of states
it protects the vitamins loosening in the single fat from oxidation, than pl: Vitamin A, E-vitamin and single Vitamin B’S
encourages the production of the leucocytes (immune system)
the proteins set up with the development of the allergies, the histamines reduce his production
helps in the iron absorption

Beside all these several of his other positive effects known:

Has salutary effect on the brain, just like the vitamin B’S
He plays a role in preceding the Alzheimer disease
The allergen (pollen, animal hairs) catching fire took it out wake up prevents the effects of substances from a big quantity serving
Moderates the allergic symptoms
The asthma precedes his symptoms and can heal it
B12 motivates the ripening of the red blood cells together with a vitamin and the folic acid
The thymus (thymus) increases his function
Takes a part in osteogenesis
Works with a vitamin E together
Increases the recovery of the burning lesions
Activates enzyme
To the function of the leucocytes indispensable
Increases the physical efficiency
Alleviates the gums bleeding
The carcinogenic nitrozaminok prevents his formation in the stomach (stomach cancer)
HDL cholesterol level (one with a good type) raises it
His liberation is hampered by the histamine, provides protection for aged ones in the respiratory diseases hereby
Enhances the effect of the urine road medicines
Strengthens the immune system
It raises the level of interferon in the blood, which plays a role in overcoming the virus infections and the cancer,
Alleviates a pain in case of arthritises
Reduces the cholesterol level in the blood
Collagen in formation has bought part
It LDL in the prevention of the oxidation of cholesterol especially efficient
The adrenal gland takes a part in the synthesis of hormones
Increases the wound recovery after the operations
The cold relieves his symptoms and hurries the recovery, but cannot prevent the illness
Slows down the ageing processes
Takes a part in cartilage formation
Extends protection by the carcinogens in an eye
Increases the wound recovery
He plays an important role in the cell breathing
The scurvy prevents his development
Provides protection against a stress
Provides protection against the free radicals
The cataract lodges a protest because of his development
The iron helps in his absorption
Reduces the frequency of the blood clots, the heart attack and the development of the embolism decrease so
A virus and bacterium infections helps to overtake a car


Dr. Tinus Smits Dutch homoeopath a doctor cures autistic children with homoeopathy and diet with a supplement, and with the alteration of their nourishment. C-vitamin, the zinc and the fish oil prescribe his picking among other things.

C-vitamin plays an important role in the stopping of the cerebral oxidative stress state fundamentally, but the copper furthers it beside this, the mercury, the lead, the cadmium and nickel selection, the enzyme functions and the folic acid metabolism. The human organization is not capable of C-vitamin production, on the other hand – in particularly stress states – uses very much. ‘

Dr. Smits all suggests C-vitamin dosage with a tall dose therapeutic, all because of prevention viewpoints. His opinion at the autistic ones C-vitamin zsír-it is necessary to get it into the organization in a form which can be relieved, because the brain blood gets to the brain cells getting through a dam so.

Literature of which use was made: Tinus Smits diet accessories recommended to go with the treatment of spectrum illnesses

Earl Mindell: Vitamin Biblia


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