Thursday, December 14

How to Improve How-To Articles

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Many articles can be improved upon after they have been published. Few articles are truly perfect in spelling, grammar and simply, appeal. Some articles may contain correctly spelled words that are grammatically incorrect because they are the wrong word. For example, using hare for hair. Sometimes articles may contain no misspelled words and is grammatically correct throughout, but suffer from being too blotted or too brief. This article will give tips on how to improve on articles that have already been published.

Many services allow the author to edit the article even after it has been published. This will be the tool i which to improve on the articles. Alas, there are steps before modifying the article. Follow the tips listed below when to help improve your article.

1. Read your article. Make sure you read it as it is attended for the targeted reader and not in the editor’s view. Be mindful of mispelled words, missing words, each sentnce is grammatically correct, and the article is understandable.

2. In the edit mode run a spell/grammar checker. Correct all errors in spelling and in grammar.

3. Insert all missing words.

4. Update the article. Make sure all information is correct and current.

5. Once the article has been updated, repeat steps 1-3.

6. Save and republish the article.

The tips listed above will help to improve your articles, which should be reviewed occasionally.



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