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     Online content authors and bloggers need to drive traffic to their sites to stay alive. Social bookmarking is an easy way to accomplish this goal. After looking through numerous sites for creating quick links,  I was happy to come across This website has the common need of being able to create do follow links that will both attract visitors and increase his pagerank. Realizing this, squidstop was born, and is competitive with other sites such as and that accomplish the same task, but with an easier interface for the user. is based on Drigg software, which is a popular choice among sites of this type. However, what sets squidstop apart is how quickly users can gain a working knowledge of th site. There is no hunting for the log in button (such as, or where to submit links. For myself, i consider it to be one of the friendliest sites and easiest to post links on. If there an an issue with the submission, an easy to follow instruction window will let the user know what as to be corrected.

     Since Bukisa has started using Google Adsense, using has had another benefit in that when articles in bukisa are bookmarked, the link page itself contains ads which have to potential to be clicked on. This presents a second round of possible earnings. Even better, squidstop shares 100% of the Adsense revenue generated there by allocating one of the ad blocks to the member’s account. Adsense url channels will indicate pageviews and clicks from this great site.

       Since creating backlinks are so important to those trying to gain exposure, consider using this platform. It’s clean design lends itself to ease of use. To become a member is free, as are the links. An additional method to earn is available for those using Adsense, creating a secondary  opportunity to gain viewer ad exposure. Squidstop overall will shortly become one of your preffered tools for your online work.

     Consider joining as a referral partner by clicking here. This link will take you to the site where registration is easy, and assistance is available by leaving a message to jmhearn. Don’t hesitate to add to your bag of online tools today.

     Another great site that has a busier feel that is fun and going places is This bookmarking site also shares Adsense earnings and links coming from there drives great traffic as well. For more information, check out this article:


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