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How to Download a Youtube Videos on Your Computer For Free With Youtube Downloaders?

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Why one should download a YouTube video?

It is easy and fun to watch your favorite video on YouTube website while you are connected to Internet but how you will watch it on your computer without Internet access or transfer to your iPod? Another reason of people want to download and play on windows media player or other players is that they can not turn repeat video function on YouTube which require you to click the “Play” button each time they want to watch the video again. You can watch as many times you want but you have to click the play button each time video finished playing. So they want to play it on computer with repeat function turned on in order to loop the video playing automatically.

So you want to know how to download a free YouTube video from the web?

Well downloading a YouTube video is not hard task and requires a software or a web tool that you can find for free from the Internet. These softwares and web tools are smaller in size and you can just type / copy the URL of your favorite YouTube video and rest will be handled by them. They will grab the whole video and ask you to save it on your computer and that’s it, you have it downloaded and ready to play.

If you use search engines, you can easily find several tools for free on the Internet for free. These tools are called “YouTube Downloaders”, you can search this term in Google and you can find many great tools. I will show you some of the best ones that I have found and they are free to download:

  • YouTube Downloader

  • Free YouTube Downloader

  • Leawo Free YouTube Downloader

  • SaveTubeVideo

  • Youtube Video Downloader HD (download HD videos)

So next time you will not need to worry about Internet access to watch your favorite YouTube videos and play it anytime you want directly from your computer. And those of you who needed the repeat function for videos at YouTube, turn on repeat in media player for their videos, have fun watching your videos and no need to click any button and watch it as many times as you want.

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