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80/20 rule of time management:
Time management training isn’t only essential but it is critical. A common mistake made by many in time management is trying to do too many things at one time. To be able to prioritize and delegate is essential in providing the necessary time saving characteristics.
Providing true business leadership requires great time management skills. To put first things first new things in order of importance, and stop wasting time on nonessentials. As the 80/20 rule applies 80% of your results will depend on the critical 20% of the things that are the most important. The key is to zoom in or what is important.

Ask yourself,” what one thing could I do, that I’m not currently doing, which, if I did it regularly would make the biggest difference in my life?” Then devote as much as you can to activities that make a difference and contribute most of your happiness and success.
When you are thinking of the most critical things that would make a difference, AWE: managing your money, will it be to concentrate on improving your skills at your current job, or learning another skill so that you can prepare for the future. Or should you be just tightening up on your finances so you won’t be losing money?
Say for instance you were trying to improve the sales for your business. What is the number one thing that will make the largest difference to your bottom line estimate when you determine what that one thing is brainstorm ways to enhance your knowledge in that field. Make this a priority item and delegate all nonessential items to other people. Rather than focusing on other things like renovating the shop front will would look nicer concentrate all of your efforts on the one task that would increase your financial stability the quickest.

Let’s look at spending time with your family and friends. How about or what would be the most effective way to spend time with your kids? Would you like to be cooking meals or possibly doing the laundry for yard work with them or maybe helping them with their schoolwork? Brainstorm this list and prioritize the specific activities which will provide you the greatest satisfaction and bonding time with your family and friends.


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