Tuesday, December 12

Bonnie 10Th Email

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Dear Ms. XXX,

I would like to discuss my ideas that didn’t work. While I was attending Los Angeles Trade Tech College: I did a sociology project under Dr. Frank McClain. Needless to say, I endeavored to sell my personal agenda: Spiritual gifted people giving information free for no reward. None of my guest appeared (a lieutenant from the police dept, a priest from a Catholic Church). The students didn’t comprehend why the police wouldn’t believe a spiritual gifted person/psychic. Most painful, was the fact they thought the spiritual gifted/ psychic person should accept the reward. I did this project in front of the class while Dr. Frank McClain filmed it with a camera. It featured the missing case of Amy Lynn Bradley. There was a $68,000 reward for any information on finding Ms. Bradley. I DIDN’T WANT ANY STICKING MONEY!!! I just wanted to TELL what I knew. I still have the tape. I want to throw it away yet I keep it. For years, I tried to tell the authorities. I spoke to a FBI agent Bryant about Amy Lynn Bradley. He probably thinks I am CO-C00-FOR-COCO-POPS (meaning insane).

Sohlau (more wrong ideas coming-part1)

Dear Ms. XXX,

(Continue on wrong ideas)

I had two inventions that I wanted to pursue. It didn’t fly because I DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! I tried to get Elisabeth Donati on your show. She is the woman behind MOMEY CAMP in Santa Barbara. It didn’t work because her boyfriend appeared nude in front of me. I had to call the police. Amazingly, this female officer believed ME! A White police officer believed me Ms. XXX. Ms. Donati and I are no longer friends. Let’s just say, my eyes are wide open now. I reached out to directors because I desire to discuss business in making a movie. I reached out to Mr. Spike Lee, Mr. Steven Spielberg, Mr. Sidney Poitier, Mr. Tom Cruise, Mr. Mel Gibson, and Mr. John Woo. The worst was Mr. Cruise people they hung up the phone on me. Boy! I had to use my acting skills in calling that gate keeper back. I calmly stated “Is this how you treat people who want to do business with Mr. Cruise’s business manager?”

The nicest was Mr. John Woo’s people. They politely informed me he is busy; but will be free in 6 months.


Dear Ms.XXX,

(Part 2 Continue on wrong ideas)

God bless Mr. John Woo and his people. Mr. Spike Lee people were very business; and very concern with plagiarism. They sought me to mail my treatment post mail. Mr. Sidney Poitier phone just rang-rang-rang and rang. Mr. Mel Gibson’s people were very businesslike-serious: It gave me some concern; however, I was very determined. I save my worst mistake for last. Mr. Steven Spielberg people were quite interesting. After several calls; a wonderful lady answered the phone. I told her the TRUTH. “I would like to speak to Mr. Spielberg please.” I said straight forward. Her reply, “What is this concerning?” I averted, “It is about business.” The lady declared ever so sweetly, “My dear, one can’t meet with Mr. Spielberg by mere request. You have to know someone that knows someone that knows Ms. Spielberg.” I was completely blindsided, and totally baffled by her honest response. I immediately commented, “Mrs. I don’t know someone that knows someone who knows Mr. Spielberg).

Sohlau (the suspense is killing you, huh? Part 2 continue)

Dear Ms. XXX,

(Continue part 2)

So, I had to dig way down deep and remember what my father (who raised me) taught me. I conveyed that my father always taught me: If I wanted to do business with someone, I need to do it face to face. Believe it or not Ms. XXX, she gave me Mr. Spielberg business manager telephone number. I had to call on Jesus! Ms. XXX his phone just rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, rang, and rang. You don’t get the picture. I CALLED FOR MONTHS! Well, I gave a new meaning to STUPID-DUMB-FOOLISH. I decided to write Mr. Spielberg a hand written letter. Yes, I did girl! In this sorrowful note: I made a reference to how we were human beings with a heart, two lungs, kidneys etc. etc. I mention the fact that I wanted him to direct my movie. Shooting my acting career GOOD-BYE-: I informed Mr. Spielberg that I could use my telekinesis and pyrokinesis instead of using special effects. Later, I discovered the post mail went directly to Dream Works. So, you know that they too, probably think I am INSANE!

Sohlau (more to come)

Dear Ms. XXX,

(Part 3 more to come)

About this time, it was in the news of a guy portraying Mr. Spielberg’s nephew. I mean Ms. XXX he had his licensed plate that spelled Spielberg. Another person was stocking Mr. Spielberg too. Then, I had a light bulb moment. A group of my acting classmate screamed at me. They said I shouldn’t have call and written Mr. Spielberg at all. They said that Mr. Spielberg people might think I am attempting to seduce him. Well, Ms. XXX, I thought that was ridiculously absurd. Compare myself to Mrs. Spielberg. It is like beauty and the Pill. Mrs. Spielberg being beauty of course. I AM A PILL. I ask too much questions. I AM NOSY. Okay, VERY NOSY in stuff that sincerely interest me. I tried out for American Next Top Model. I love Tyra.She truly inspires me. I love her mom too. I want to be a pulse size that symbolize a healthy body image. I didn’t get call for cycle 13. I am not afraid of FAILURE. I am going to keep trying. So, could you please assist Bonnie with renovating her house?

Happy Holidays Sohlau

PS Your staff desever a raise from reading all my emails.


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