Thursday, December 14

Bonnie 7Th/8Th Emails

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Dear Ms. XXX,
 As usual, I have a wonderful time at Bonnie’s house. Cleaning is rather-refreshing therapeutic. In 1990-1994 at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; my rights were violated: I went through some emotional and mental strife.


On August 8Th, 1995 my father who raised me; was killed by his biological daughter (Georgette Fatima Destine) and fourth wife (Vernmel Rodriquez White). I knew Georgette was trying to get my inheritance by endeavoring to frame me for Ashly’s (her daughter) molest trauma. When she fail proving I was a pedophile; Georgette than attempted to prove I was insane because I am spiritually gifted.


I ended all communication with Georgette on December 31, 1995. I left New York in 1998 to follow my dream in being an Entertainer: Actress, Author, Plus size model and Singer. I self published my manuscript EAT SMOKE ALCOHOL DRUGS: I CHOOSE TO WRITE by Sophialaurenea Y. Destine with It didn’t go to well.


I re-published it on I also published my third book EMAILS TO TALK SHOW. I love the fact Bonnie understands; why I don’t ask for a reward in giving information on police cases. I don’t think it is right to capitalize people’s pain.






Dear Ms.XXX,

You are probably asking why I am writing about Bonnie; and not myself. I am much younger than Bonnie (because of my reverse biological clock). I have an unbelievable amount of energy. I took 19 credits at Las Positas College while being homeless-living on the streets. I swam in my swimming class under Coach Jason Craighead while having Walking Pneumonia and high grade fevers. I don’t know how many 44 year old would stay out on the streets (especially not being high on any illegal drugs). 44 year old is my chronological age. I have seizures when my fever gets too high. Anyway, that is why I put in the application on your email that I am 77. Maybe deep inside, I am hoping my biological clock will correct itself and be equal to my chronological age again.

I am very creative. I have my second manuscript TRUF? (Library Of Congress) I want my manuscript to be a movie. I have numerous ideas for inventions too. Bonnie is a true friend. She does not treat me like a FREAK. She believes me about my biological age too unlike the people in the shelters.




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