Sunday, December 17

How to be Loved

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Today’s pretty much hard to find true love. True values are lost in these modern times, they are sucked in by greed and pride, and when a person even does find true love, he often stays blind to it, losing every possibility of eternal happiness.

Those who do find true love, and see it in time, they are considered the happiest people on the planet. Being  able to love is something most precious that was given to a mankind. That feeling of joy when you see your loved one isn’t easily comapred to any other feeling. When the face of your lover is the last thing you see before you close your eyes in the night, and the first thing you see in the morning when you open the eyes,  makes you the happiest person ever, then you know you’re truly in love. That beautiful feeling is even stronger and much more intense if the love is truly returned.  A union of two bodies into one is the major act of those in love; that act of making love is something sacred to the lovers, because both their body and soul finally become as one.

Physical touch is practically necessary in deep relationships – both sides are addicted to the other half’s body and even the slightest touch relieves the sweet pain of being separated during the day. A warm hug, a tiny kiss, or even a light touch on the hand helps your lover get through the day.


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