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Wwe Monday Night Raw 12-27-10

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Well, last Monday Night Raw was the last episode of 2010. It was very dissapointed in some ways and very nice in some ways. At first, John Cena came out and talked about last Monday Night Raw and Smackdown because CM Punk attacked him with a chair both nights. The reason was that Cm Punk got sick of John Cena and told him that he never keeps his word which I bealive he does. After he words Cm Punk said that he will have a surprise later in the night for John Cena.

After that there was a match between Ted Dibiase (accompanied by Maryse) against Santino Marella (accompanied by Tamina). And as you know Santino Marella won. Later on Marye and Ted attacked on Tamina and Santino but they both attacked them back with a Cobra.

Later on John Morrison had to face Alex Riley (who comes out with the Miz) to see what type of match there would be on the PPW for the WWE Championship against The Miz. But at the end John Morrison wins and chooses a false count anywhere match.

Next it was Tyson Kid (with his bodygaurd Jackson Andrews) against Mark Henry (the world strongest man)-which I bealive isn’t true because the Undertaker and many other superstars have beaten him before. Anyways in the match Mark Henry wins and then calls out Tysons bodygaurd and does a huge slam on him.

Then it was The Miz- which i hate because he is such a cheater and that is basically how he got his Championship from Randy Orton and he always has Alex Riley on his side so he can cheat out of a match to wins. The Miz faced Jerry The King Lawler ( the hall of famer) and ofcourse Jerry the King Lawler won because John Morrison came out in the middle of the match which i thought was smart.

AfterWard there was a Diva Match which includes soo much fuss and screming but as you know there pretty powerful and beautiful at the same time. The Match was Gail Kim And Eve against Melina and Alicia Fox. By the way Melina changed faces, she is now a heel which means she is not the good person anymore, she is on the bad side like Alicia Fox. Because Last Raw when Natalya the Womens Champion came to congratulate her for being the Number 1 contendar for the championship, Melina slapped her. I used to like Melina but now i think she is on the all times low. But her fighting skills i like them. In that Match Melina and Alicia Fox won and then Natalya came out again to Melina and then Melina tried to shake hands with her but then thought bout attacking when the smart Natalya proved whos boss.

Then It was a small match with Daniel Bryan and WOO WOO, you know who that is and Daniel Bryan won and after that match when Michael Cole was reading the email from the unknown GM, THE cowardly Miz came out again and attackd the King. He was probally feeling bad cause he got defeated by him.

But after that we had a great match with Randy Orton against The King of The Ring winner Sheamus and that was a really good match in general. The Viper Randy Orton won after he made The Rko Mover on Sheamus.

John Cena came out afterwards cause in the starting of Raw Cm Punk said he would have a surprise for him which i really didn’t think was that shocking. The Nexus came out (Ugh i hate them) and tried to make peace with John Cena and ofcourse he refused, I mean seriousaly after soo many times that the Nexus attacked Cena In the Past why would he make Peace with them. The leader WAS Wade Barret but John Cena beat him in the last PPW. The surprise was the Nexus attacked him and he was laying in the ring and then Cm punk came out and mentioned he was the new leader of the Nexus, so its basically the same old same old.

Well there you have it, The Review on Raw and My thoughts.


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