Head Lice: How to Prevent It

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Never thought of preventing head lice before? Well, you can! There’s nothing worse than realizing you have a nasty case of head lice. It’s inconvenient, to say the least. Most of you, at one time or another, have at minimum lived in fear that you’d get head lice. Many of you have had to endure the battle with nit combs and over-the-counter shampoos until you’re ready to scream. So, why not prevent it? With either of the following tips you’ll be able to prevent head lice and rest assured that you – or your child(ren) – won’t be enduring a miserable case of head lice critters.

What you’ll need for Tip #1:

  • a bottle of Tea Tree essential oil
  • a bottle of your regular shampoo

Instructions for Tip #1:

  • put 12 drops of Tea Tree essential oil into your shampoo bottle
  • close the lid and shake well to mix the contents
  • use this mixture each time you wash your hair (or at minimum once a week)

What you’ll need for Tip #2:

  • a bottle of Tea Tree essential oil
  • an empty spray bottle

Instructions for Tip #2:

  • add 12 drops of the Tea Tree essential oil to ¼ pint water to a spray bottle. Mist hair each morning with this solution.

By simply applying the above shampoo mixture regularly, or spritzing your hair with the spray solution, you’ll be preventing head lice. The pesky little critters despise Tea Tree essential oil!


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