Monday, December 11

Host a Healthier New Year's Eve Party

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Thanksgiving through New Year tends to be the unhealthiest part of the year. From Thanksgiving onward many people eat far too much and far too unhealthily.  It is easy to say, “I’ll start to eat healthier next year.” That is a cop out.  If you wish to eat healthier you should start right now, not tomorrow. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy a good New Year’s party, and even enjoy some New Year’s party appetizers. It just means that you should aim to do so in a healthier fashion.

The following are some healthier choices to get the New Year started on the right foot with a bevy of party appetizers that are also healthy choices.


Fruits are very filling and also make great party appetizers.  Grapes, Apple slices, orange slices, tangerines, strawberries, cherries, slices of cantaloupe even pieces of watermelon can make some wonderful and filling appetizers that will be enjoyed by everyone for your New Year’s eve party.

Vegetable Platter:

It is hard to get healthier for my going with a vegetable platter.  Even parties that are not trying to be, “healthy” should have a vegetable platter presents as a healthy option for those people who do care about healthy alternatives. Vegetable platters can include such things as broccoli, celery sticks, tomatoes, red peppers, cauliflower and carrots as just a small sampling of what could be served for your New Year’s Eve party appetizers.


Beverages are often important part of any New Year’s Eve party. Usually these are adult beverages aimed at making the party a “wild time.”  That does not mean that there are still not healthier alternatives. Rather than going with beer, you could serve varying types of wine for a slightly healthier alternative. If you must have beer there are always lower calorie alternatives for beer also. Make sure to include healthy nonalcoholic alternatives at your party too. Specifically make sure there’s enough water to keep people hydrated. Even if people are drinking alcoholic beverages is important to remain hydrated.

Cheese spreads:

Cheese is not always known as a particularly healthy alternative but having mixed cheeses on a platter with Triscuits or crackers to me a far healthier alternative than many other snacks you might put out for your party.


nuts can be a great party snack; particularly if you put out the shelled kind of nuts with nutcrackers. This will keep people from Downing the stack like they’re “going out of style”.


Dips are often an essential part of any New Year’s Eve party snack presentation.  The rule of thumb when it comes to dips is really quite simple, avoid anything that is based on a cream like to plague.  All cream base plagues nearly without exception tend to be very bad for you. Try for healthier dip options such as salsa.


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