Monday, December 11

I Found A Child-Dependent Only Youth Medical Insurance Policy!

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One major part of the bill was access to care. Congress wanted to make sure that medical insurance companies would not deny coverage to someone with a pre-existing condition. Americans who got their medical insurance through an employer did not have to worry about being turned down for pre-existing conditions. This provision was only for the individual medical insurance market. Most argued that people will wait until they get sick to get insurance with this provision. This is why Congress made insurance coverage mandatory for American citizens when this bill takes full effect.

The first part of the bill that went into place was mandatory coverage for all children ages 0-18. On September 23, 2011, all insurance companies were required by law to cover all children regardless of medical condition. As a result, the insurance companies dropped coverage for all children between 0-18 on their own policy. Most insurance plans offer coverage for dependents on a parents’ policy, but not on a plan by themselves.

There are usually many solutions for any medical benefit situation. If you need coverage for a dependent, it is difficult to find a plan if they are under 18. However, the ACA does not apply to short term health insurance plans. If you are in a situation where your family needs coverage for a period of time for a child, consider short term medical insurance.

Short term medical insurance plans are available to dependents by themselves. They are full insurance plans that generally cost less. They are intended to cover for major medical expenses over a short period of time. Every new illness or injury is covered subject to a deductible and co insurance.

If you are looking for a plan for a dependent over a short period of time, look into short term health insurance. It might keep you from having to pay a lot more for insurance coverage you may not need. Since they do not fall under the health care act, these plans are still available options for your kids’ medical insurance coverage.


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