Tuesday, December 12

Viagra And Reality

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According to studies on human subjects has been shown that erectile problems may be due to stress or depression, the psychologist and the sessions are sufficient to address them.
Over time, have been recommended, among other treatments, and the famous Viagra, which is said: Young With 20 years, maintaining an erection that 20 years after first appearing erection pill erection problems and heal all.
This was shown as “blue wonders” are not even as it “recommend” but rather just an incentive.

They say that about viagra: The man is back as 20 years, when eating “blue wonder”, but doctors do not recommend such viagra pills because they induce and maintain a firm erection, but not hormones or aphrodisiacs . Also, medicines for erectile dysfunction do not maintain an erection in 20 years and did not induce an erection, if the man is sexually excited and stimulated.

They say: Miracles occur within the first pill, reality, though, is that the results of a Viagra-type drug treatment occur over time, depending on disease severity.

They say: The pills cure any type of erectile problems, the reality, however, is that men suffering from diabetes are unable to cure erectile problem. According to industry statistics, diseases that are responsible for 70% of erectile difficulties are diabetes, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis.


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