Tuesday, December 12

Get Paid to Write Online

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It’s said that freelance writing can be a very lucrative field to get into. One must give it time to see results and it can be beneficial.

There are several sites for writing platforms that one can write for. As a matter of fact, they can write for several of the writing platforms. The platforms need to be closely investigated to see if that site will be compatible to what they’re looking for. It’s important that when looking for a platform to write on, look at their about page and their frequently asked questions (FAQ). That will give you a lot of insight of what the writing platform is all about. Such as, if they are a paying site, if they pay via Google Adsense, Pay Pal or check, the minimum and maximum of words they will accept, if you can write about anything that comes to mind or if they have certain categories they would like for you to choose from and if you own the rights or not to what you write for them. The majority of the sites do pay, but there are a few that offer writing to those that just write for a hobby.

There’s also other types of writing online jobs. There’s the one where you go to sites that have jobs posted and you have to either apply or bid for them. You either have to have some experience under your belt or just confident enough in your work to make it happen!

Whatever you decide in regards to the level of writing you would like to do, good luck!


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