Saturday, December 16

Stressed People Eat Too Many Pills

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New researches in collaboration between the National Institute of Public Health in New Jersey and the Pharmaceutical Sciences at Copenhagen University have shown that stressed people eat too many pills in the form of pain medications. It often happens despite they aren’t having a sore head, neck or abdomen.

It is hard for the health to eat unnecessarily medication, and it show to be people who often have stress are twice as likely to use pain-relieving prescription medications when compared to people without stress. It is indeed something to worry about because stress can have some very serious health consequences if not handled properly. And painkillers are absolutely not a suitable way to treat stress. But in addition, the inappropriate use of painkillers and over the counter medications can have very serious effects; one of them can be in the form of internal bleedings.

The researchers found that only 34% of the increase consumption of Pandodil and other types of painkillers can be explained, because the stressed people have more pain. But the last 66% of the consumption cannot be attributed to headache, abdominal pain and other physical tension. There is an overuse in the system, so it is believed that the people should have access to more information related to stress, to inform them that pain relievers is not an option to help the problems.


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