Thursday, December 14

The Mistake Of George Bush,the Iraq War And Neglect of Afghanistan

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George Bush had a personal score to settle with Saddam Husain. That is the conclusion one reaches after the dictator was hanged and his Army defeated by the US and its allies. The ostensible reason for the attack, the so called weapons of mass destruction (WMD) turned out to be a figment of imagination. There were never any at all.

The Pyrrhic Victory

But the victory for American arms is turning to be a pyrrhic victory with the main enemy Al Qaida and other Moslem groups given a breathing space in Afghanistan by the assault on Iraq.  I as a soldier can never comprehend as to why Bush diverted America from the war against terror to the attack on Iraq. Here was Osama bin laden spewing venom and the Taliban on the ropes and yet Bush turned his attention to Iraq.

History may judge Bush harshly for this lapse, as it has extended the military involvement and no decisive victory is in sight. The Americans are still in Iraq and are also extended in Afghanistan with the al-Qaida and Taliban regrouping and calling most of the shots in Afghanistan.

The Legacy of George Bush

What next? Bush is gone home and his legacy is inherited by Obama. The morass in Afghanistan with daily causalities of NATO troops must be a hard pill to swallow. So America has turned to Pakistan for help, forgetting that the average Pakistani has no love for the USA and Pakistan is itself beset by fundamentalist and terror groups. The Pak leadership in their blind hatred for India has nurtured terrorist groups to strike at India. This is a well known and documented fact. But so desperate is the USA that they feel Pakistan may help pull their chestnuts from the fire.

The Role Of Pakistan

This naivety of America is hard to accept. For one thing Obama must understand that Pakistan itself will never go the whole hog against the Taliban which is a Pakistan supported group and was thought of as strategic depth against India.

Afghanistan is a test case for the USA. It is a hard test as a defeat here will seriously imperil American interests. There is nothing like good and bad Taliban. Obama is clutching at straws. Granted Bush made a mistake in attacking Iraq but Obama will be making a bigger mistake in thinking that Pakistan is going to fight the American battle in Afghanistan.

The only course is to treat Pakistan as a terrorist state and the roots of terrorism that exist there be wiped out. For this Obama will need will power and strength. It’s a difficult task ahead. The diversionary attack on Iraq ordered by Bush may yet have its repercussions with an American loss of face in Afghanistan. Is Obama alive to the situation?


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