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Faq For a Call Center in Philippines – Part Iii

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How long have you guys been in business?

The combined experience of the customer service transition team is more than 30+ years. Global Sky started in the later part of 2004.. The outsourcing industry is relatively young so you find a lot of relatively young players. Global Sky is an “outsource with certainty” operation based on team experience.

What kind of equipment are you guys using? (Skip this if you’re not real tech savvy)

All of the equipment we use is top of the line, and based on VOIP technologies. US, Australia and UK voice termination is setup for the most direct routing of calls to those destinations or receiving points. Quintum Gateways to convert digital signal into analog. Cisco switches ensure optimum network performance. The traditional seven-figure setup for call centers no longer applies with VOIP technology. Optimum network performance is key. If you have more questions about our network you can consult with one of our technicians.

Will I be able to see when my agents are online?
Yes! Our software reporting allows you to actually log in and see a little green light next to all of your agents that are logged in.

Will I be able to listen in on calls?
Yes! You can even take it a step further, click on the green light and hear the conversation!

Will I have access to reports? How about daily?
Yes! We have a web based reporting system with snazzy charts and graphs for both right and left brained people.

Is there a setup fee involved?
We generally don’t charge a setup for long term campaigns.

Do you have references?
Yes. Upon request. We do have testimonials on the site as well.

I’m not the one who makes a final decision, do you have a brochure that I can take to my boss?
Sure! Just click the “I want more info” link below and request our brochure.


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