Friday, December 15

Morbid Obesity And Proximate Behavior

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Obesity and morbid obesity have three general causes: eating too much, exercising too little and chemical imbalance. Chemical imbalance is usually treatable by medical professionals. The rest of the obese and morbidly obese individuals, including this author, should take note.

Exercising is not bad, but there are a lot of activities that the morbidly obese cannot do. Usually, the reaction to something physical is to put it aside in the hopes that a better, more suitable exercise will come along. Normally, every exercise gets tossed away into this pile.

This is where proximal (proximate) behavior comes in. Proximate behavior is the intermediate behavior between where one is and the overall goal. These proximate behaviors are the steps that take place between doing nothing and doing fifty pushups a day. The obese person might not be able to run a mile, but they can walk up and down the driveway once or twice.

Eating habits of the obese are usually the same as those of non-obese, with the exception of scale. Using proximate behaviors, one can work their way into having healthy eating habits. Instead of piling on the fried things, have a piece of fruit. Small substitutions instead of massive and sweeping life changes.

To fight obesity and morbid obesity, allow yourself to take the steps. You are absolutely beautiful the way that you are. I know, though, that I felt a lot better when I was thinner, and figure that I’m not unique in this assessment. Remember that it doesn’t have to be completed at once.


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