Thursday, December 14

Misunderstood Words

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Sometimes we utter a word that someone heard it does not like it. We are misunderstood by our statement or actions.  It does usually happened to women as woman are more into paying attention to others action.  If ever people will give the benefit of the doubt and find some time to know really the person, we can say that this kind of conflict be avoided.

I have encountered different kind of issues like this and I can say people are lacking of communication.  Listening and explaining to clear things.  But most important is if we give some time to listen before we make any reaction of that issues or statement.  Although we cannot please everybody, at least we clear some issues.  We do not owe any explanation but if they reacted, we should exert effort to explain to resolve the conflict and avoid being misunderstood.  Not easy to be misunderstood and others look at as if we are a bad person.  Confront in a nice way and to speak what is on your is the right thing to do.  Hearing both sides are the most important thing.  Misunderstanding can be avoided if we open our ears and broaden our minds to understand things.


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