Monday, December 11

An Attractive Website

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NASA website: is a website that has a lot of contents and features that I think cannot be easily found on other websites. The way they present their message through the site is unique. The site offers visitors
an exciting, and interactive experience that takes advantage of the capabilities available through the most commonly used web browsers. The layout of the site is beautiful as it uses the picture of deep space with stars seen from far as its background picture. The use of this picture is perfect considering that NASA conducts space exploration.

The administration has also used the site to communicate and inform the world of all its plans, activities, news release and even their budget. Using the site to present their budget to the world shows financial transparency of the organization to the world.

The site also contains videos’ and pictures of some of space exploration activities, space station servicing, planets, stars, shuttle programs, telescopes, space probes, spacecrafts and space. Also featured in the site are NASA programs for students, educators, policymakers and employees. Also in the website are pictures of all the administrators. It is clear that NASA is using modern techniques through its website to inform the world of all the happenings.

Such techniques must be used by other organizations through their websites to enable the world know of their policies, plans and even their budget. This will show the world that the organization is of international standards and that they are transparent in their policies and plans.This makes the world to trust the organization.


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