Sunday, December 17

Mercy Killing…

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Life is the precious gift from God to us.  Having this kind of gift is a privilege because life is beautiful.  Seeing the beauty of nature and be with our family and one we love.  We do not have the control when is our life on earth ends because only God knows when.  But what if one day you have to decide between life and death?

Sometimes difficulties in life are teasing us.  Accidents do happened every corner of the world and that is why we are advise to take some extra careful each day.  No matter how careful we are, there are careless individual that leads our life to a big changes.  As much as possible we want to save life, but what if saving life wont saved her/his life at all.  This is where mercy killing get in.  We are asked to decide whether to prolonged the life but still will not last long or end the sufferings of our love ones.  We do not have the right to take someone’s life because only God has the right to do that.  Life is a big teaser because of situation like this.  Saving life is not saving at all because when the medication stops, life stops also.  Would you practice mercy killing to your love one or not?  Questions we commonly heard inside the hospital with serious illness.

I would like to leave you readers with this question:  Are you willing to decided mercy killing to your love ones or continue medication but at the end it is not?  Happy Tuesday everyone.


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