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What is an Autobiographical Memory?

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What is Memory?

Every human mind is capable of remembering things. Things that is stored in a brain, retained and recalled once the data is needed. These memories are the solicited experiences you have with your families, loved ones, friends and even enemies. These are also the facts and information you encounter in your quest to knowledge. Generally, a person that can memorize spellings and formulas in Science and Mathematics accurately are often called gifted with a good memory.

But when can you tell someones memory is normal?

By accident, we forget things we never intended. Commonly, we forget details, numbers, and specifics of an event. Every normal memory is like that. In education, a repetition is needed in order for students to grasp the information and hold it in a span of time. Some memories are stored longer and some are not depending on the importance of the memory to the person. But there is always an exemption for everything. Sometimes, memories may surpass to what is called normal. Then we call it an “Exceptional Memory.”

What is an Exceptional Memory?

Anyone hearing that somebody is holding an exceptional memory may envy the person acquiring it. A memory that can collect more than the normal gauge. An autobiographical memory for example that can store all forms of life stories–events that includes the details and the specifics that any normal brain couldn’t hold for long. In Psychology this is often categorized as abnormal memory.

How will you know a person has Autobiographical Memory?

An autobiographical memory is always associated with episodic memory which is common for people who usually lingers a past experience or events. People that always carry with them the memories that includes trivial details, including the date, the weather, what people wore on that day, the expressions on their faces and so on and so forth.

What is the problem with the person possessing the Autobiographical Memory?

A person who dominates the memory is most of the the time in trouble associating and applying new facts or details to be memorized. Fresh memories are often neglected and needed a repetition in order to have it stored in the cognitive, since their minds are already preoccupied with the memories in the past.

How to deal with someone cornered with Autobiographical Memory?

As a teacher, unavoidably I have to be patient with the students cornered with autobiographical memory. For once they are able to hold a single memory the consolation is they will hardly forget it.

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