Monday, December 18

The Biggest Served Pizza in The Philippines

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Worried about what to feed for a dozen hungry people? Here is a big news for all the pizza lovers in the world. There is this biggest pizza served in the Philippines that will not only feed a family in a bonding, a classmate in a reunion and a friends in a joyful festive celebration but bring them to a different atmosphere in front of a 52 inches pizza .

How would that look like to you? A pizza house named Mama Maria’s Pizzeria is serving the biggest pizza in the Philippines that would slake your hunger. A humongous one that will not only make your eyes wide open but also make your mouth filled with an authentic thin crunchy Italiano pizza crust with flavors that would suit your taste.

The said pizza house treat it’s costumer differently. It will mix the dough right in front of  them so they can see the whole process of the preparation. Varieties of quality toppings are also used to satisfy the costumer’s needs.

Another thing to consider, this pizza is cheaper than you thought. This is very much affordable for anybody who wants to grab a bite with the biggest pizza in the country.

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