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Spray Booths Of Various Kinds

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You will find different kinds of spray booths for almost any project you want to complete. In fact if you are unable to find the one you are looking for, you can get one made for you by the custom spray booth company. Mentioned below are descriptions of the various kinds of spray booths and some of their uses.

Vehicle Painting Spray Booths- This is the kind of booth which generally comes to our mind when most of us think about a spray booth. Such a spray booth is a spacious, enclosed structure like a building which is used for spray painting different kinds of vehicles like cars, boats and airplanes.

It is a dangerous undertaking when you decide to paint any kind of vehicle and must be done only by professionals. In case your hobby becomes a business, it is vital to have the correct structure for the job. Huge levels of hazardous chemicals are emitted while spraying, spray booths have to maintain airflow, draft direction, temperature etc. Spray booths also must stick to strict safety and environmental rules.

Powder Spray Booths- They are useful when it is needed to apply any powder-based color to a surface. It is best to use the regular spray booth according to experts unless you are applying powder colorant. They are perfect for all kinds of uses from a normal car painting work to making complex airbrush designs.

Wood Finishing Spray Booths- A wood finishing booth is a perfect investment especially for a furniture builder/maker or a carpenter. Wood finishing booths are available in a number of different designs.

Artistic Purpose Spray Booths- These kinds of spay booths are typically used by hobbyists who make use of them for painting model trains, airplanes, cars etc. These are light, portable and small and you can set them up almost anywhere.

This has given you some idea about different kinds of spray booths and now there is some useful information to assist you in selecting the correct size.

Spray booth dimension is also a vital aspect as you have to know the size of the spray booth you need. You must know the biggest size item you want to paint on the booth so that you can get the length, width and height accordingly.

To give an example, in case you want spray booths for painting automobile, you must measure the booth based on the size of the biggest vehicle. Size is very important as bigger the dimension of the spray booth, the bigger are the motor and fan wheel to be able to generate the required airflow into the system.


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