Thursday, December 14

I Enjoy My Chocolate Fountain

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Many of us may be aware that a chocolate fountain is a gadget which is made up of stainless steel which can make molten chocolate fondue. There is a motor at the bottom of the fountain which helps in heating the prepared chocolate pieces which are put in the heating tray. There is a corkscrew in the centre which pushes the melted chocolate up into the column. As it reaches the top, which is around 2-4 feet high with a number of tiers, the molten chocolate starts flowing down. The chocolate flows down into one tray and then to the next one till the delicious liquid reaches the bottom last tier. This process is repeated all over again once the chocolate cascade reaches the last tier of the fountain. It is possible to do the initial melting of the chocolate in a double boiler or microwave. The chocolate fountain is put on a base which is very strong and can hold about 40 kg of weight and has to be put near a power socket.

Covertures chocolate which has a lot of cocoa butter is perfect for using in the chocolate fountains. It can be milk or dark chocolate. If there is less cocoa butter in the chocolate it must be enhanced with vegetable oil but this can hinder the taste and smoothness of the chocolate. 

You can get chocolate fountains in home or commercial models which can be used for different kinds of occasions like parties, product launches, film premieres and bar mitzvahs. If you have a get together of 25 people at home it is perfect for a home chocolate fountain use.

It is also possible to get chocolate fountains on rent from catering agency or party supply stores. They also send a helper who makes sure that the chocolate fountain is working properly, the chocolate falls smoothly, and the fountain is not mishandled by eager children. Small tidbits like cheesecake, fruit pieces and marshmallows can be kept around the chocolate fountain. You can use anything which does not crumble for dipping into the chocolate fountain.

Chocolate fountains are typically rented at hourly rate which also includes the fee for the attendant and the chocolate cost. In most cases chocolate fountains are used for about two hours in a party as they operate while the desserts and appetizers are being served. It is not a good idea to install a chocolate fountain outdoors as insects may be a problem.


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