Monday, December 11

Do You Want To Fortify Yourself With a Stun Gun?

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It is common knowledge that the world is full of numerous dangers today. You could be living in a small American town or a big city, crime has become a common fixture in all society. It is not a surprise that self-defense tools are becoming among the fastest growing components in a person’s shopping list. Stun guns sit at the top of the list, for both civilians as well as cops.

Stun guns do their job by zapping the attacker with a high electrical current. In fact the “gun” is more like a wand, which you can manipulate and comes with two metal spikes at the edge. The electric charge is generated from these spikes and so when you touch the bad guys with them the stun gun will immobilize them immediately.

You don’t really have to worry about if you have injured the attacker seriously. Stun guns have been designed especially to incapacitate a person not to harm them fatally. The current which you put out is more like a bark than a bite.  

Stun gun works by totally discombobulating the nervous system of a person. They just can’t move once they have been hit by a stun gun. The energy pulse results in the muscles of a person to go almost haywire.  Stun gun electric current causes a “blackout” in the nervous system and no messages can be communicated between the brain, nerves and the spinal cord. The end result of the stun gun is that the individual can’t move his muscles, loses balance and is out and harmless for some time.  

It is true that like other things the stun gun affects different people differently and people may not react in the same way. There is a straight relationship connecting the time when the individual is hit by a stun gun, and the effects it will have on him. What it means is that if you hold the stun gun longer at someone, he will get more incapacitated.  When the person is down and out you stop and discontinue using the weapon. The effects of the stun gun will wear off in some time.

The power of the stun gun does not pass by touching the person who is hit unlike in other forms of electricity. You must think about the size and voltage before you purchase a stun gun.  It is a good idea to buy a small one if you are planning to carry it in your small purse, but get a stun gun with a high voltage.


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