Thursday, December 14

Is it Possible to Increase Your Brain Power?

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Is it possible to increase your brain power ?

I don’t claim to be an ‘author ‘ at all. I am just a contributor of articles to some e-magazines and mind you, that doesn’t make me an author according to my understanding. I can however call myself a ‘writer’, that’s all.

As a writer, I am always on the look out for ideas or subjects to produce a readable material on them. Which else is helpful in this regard except the internet and google ? While I was searching for suitable topics, I came across an article titled, “How to increase your brain power.” Turning interested, I read through the piece.

It has recommended six steps to enhance your brain power.

The first was, “Act intelligent”. I mulled over the point. Whenever I tried to act intelligent or smart [i.e. trying to put my two paise worth in a discussion] I was asked to ‘shut up’. The Leader commented, “This is not a forum for cheap gimmicks.”

The second was, hold your breath. “ Reduce your sugar intake.” I wondered if there was any connection between sugar and brain. Perhaps there is. Otherwise how will the article writer recommend such a step? But then, I am a diabetic; have been one for nearly 30 years and am used to taking just about 25 grams of sugar daily. But as far as I could remember
my brain power hasn’t increased even a bit.

If this point is really true, all diabetics in the world over should be ‘super intelligent fellows’. But the fact is just the opposite. As you age with diabetes, you either conk off or lose your thinking power.

The third was: “Limit your criticism”. “It is important to know
when not to be critical. Analysis is important” was the clarification of the rule. For your information, I had always been a vociferous critique right through my college days. In fact I had been baptized, ‘Leader of the Opposition’, a tribe which would attack anything , good or bad, on the part of the government.. I was like that leader and my brain power has undergone no change.

The next was: “Use your imagination.” Well, all of us have been using our imagination, almost daily; in fact we have been over using it ! But that has not improved my brain power even by a millimeter.

“Limit Criticism” was the next recommendation. It’s important to know when not to be critical. Analysis is important, but it also can kill creative thinking if done too often and/or too early in the process. Think freely, withholding critical analysis until the right time. Only God knows how this point is concerned with increasing the brain power.

“Saint Johnswort” is the fifth advice. This point really knocked me down. I couldn’t find this word in the dictionary, so I turned to Google which said, it is a common weed. Research demonstrates it’s usefulness for treating long-term depression. According to my interpretation your brain power will take a nose dive if you eat this darned thing.

“Chill Out For Brainpower” is the final suggestion. People often think better in certain temperature ranges. Being slightly cool, but not uncomfortable (that would be mentally distracting), is most conducive to good thinking for most of us, but try experimenting on yourself to see what temperature works best to increase brainpower.

With the above six wise cracks, I hope you have become conscious of your improved brain power. How I wish some scientist produced a gadget similar to a thermometer to measure our brain power ! Since we have increased our brain power by reading this article, your temperature certainly ought to show 106 degrees F.


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