Thursday, December 14

Kids And Ski Poles

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Should Ski poles be given to kids? This is a question that has always been contradicted. Some are of the opinion that ski poles should have to be given to kids while others say it should not be. Well, the majority is of the opinion that kids should not be given ski poles.

The experts opine that the poles should only be given to kids only after seven years of age. As kids are only beginners, they do not need poles. This is because poles can hinder the ability to develop better skills in kids.

Those persons who are for providing ski poles to kids say that it could help in practising balance in a better way. They also say that the poles would develop skills while taking curves. Those who are against giving poles to kids say it would only hinder the development of skills. Moreover, if poles are used, the kids would not learn skating in a better way.

It has also been said that if kids were given ski poles at an earlier stage, it would only develop bad habits in them. They would develop the habit of leaning the weight on the poles, which is not good. It is good to ask the kids to ski by placing their hands on the knees instead of poles.

Before the kids are given poles, it is always better that the kids practise the techniques at home. The ski poles should only be given to kids only after they have acquired the ability to turn curves and edges. Make sure that the kids are holding the poles in the right way. 


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