Monday, December 18

Creatine Side Effects Exposed!

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If you haven’t noticed, there has been a continuous hype wither or not creatine is good or bad. Some say its perfectly fine and others say it’s like steroids, but it really falls into the category of both, good and bad. Why? Well as you continue reading you’ll find out.

So here’s the rundown about creatine: it is a chemical that is naturally produced in our bodies from the liver and kidneys. Thus the creatine we make gets stored within the muscles. When taking creatine for supplemental use, some of the positive createin side effects are weight gain and muscle mass increase. This is caused because creatine stimulates enhanced muscle growth from the energy it retains in muscles.

Also, there has been many conducted studies of people that take creatine for a period of days to weeks. These studies of the people taking the supplement, resulted to weight gain and increased muscle mass, and some of these individuals received temporary muscle cramps, diarrhea, and chest pains (which ceased with decreased dosage and increased hydration).

These are just short term studies that were given for research, but not really too many long term usages have been recorded, therefore leaving insufficient information on the effects of creatine usage over the years. So in other words, there in not enough research to back up wither or not using creatine over a long period of time can cause real damage. However many experts and various creatine users explain that creatine is overall safe when it is not abused and your body is properly hydrated during usage of the supplement.

So if you chose to go about creatine usage it would be wise to follow the recommended dosage and stayed hydrated or just see a physician to see if taking creatine supplements would be right for you and best for your health.

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